Tuesday, July 13, 2010

catching up

Well, it's wet outside, too wet to do much of anything. Also, by evening I am too tired to sum up the day so I let it slide into and endless cycle. I have another puzzle done, but I don't feel like getting the pictures off the camera so it will get its own post later.

I did some much needed cleaning lat week while waiting for things to dry out - which they never really did. The smaller Air Conditioner blew a fuse last week, at least it did it while it was in the 80's rather than waiting until it was 101+ like the big one did last time. ;-)

They keep saying it's going to dry out and stop raining, but it just keeps coming down. We had .35 inches on Sunday and then another .8 inches on Monday. It rained most of Monday morning, which I didn't much care about since I was stuck at the dentist getting all the prep work done for the crown for the tooth I cracked. The mosquitoes were awful yesterday, but a little less so today. It's still very wet, we had a very heavy dew last night.

I made my first batch of feta cheese yesterday. Today I will make another batch with lipase, as yesterday's was without. Then I will compare in a few days. I never liked store-bought feta, but I have found that cheese made at home tastes different than store bought. It's probably healthier too, while researching rennet I found out a lot of the commercial rennet is GMO. Yet another reason to make your own. It's going to be worth it to buy my own cream separator before long. I'll need it to make skim milk cheeses.

The goats can't even begin to keep up with the weeds and grass with all this rain, so I guess I am going to have to mow. I have decided to try cutting some of the weeds for hay. They ate them last winter when they were frost killed, you'd think they'd eat them if I dried them intentionally. I'll mow the grass for bedding, which they will also eat as hay whether that is my intent or not. ;-) Of course, all this assumes it dried off enough to work with stuff. It's wet, then it's too hot to do anything. *bleah*

I also need to work on freezing some lambsquarters and amaranth catch up laundry and all kinds of other stuff, none of which i want to do when it's this wet. *sigh*

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