Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Annoyed evening

I have a Halloween Advent tree (up on my webshots I finally got 30 ornaments done 2 years ago. I worked in a haunted house last year and was just too tired to play with the tree last year. This year I was doing it again, but last night I realized 2 of the ornaments had gotten lost. Now, I know I saw one of them this year, and really, it was the easy one to replace maybe half an hour to stitch and cut, but the other is a major work one. I was going to make an ornament and be done this year, but now I will be short again unless I spend all my free time(it's Halloween, what free time?) stitching. I spend an hour last night looking for ornaments that since I didn't find I should have spent making new ones.

Oh well, I suck. life goes on. I had planned to make more ornaments and sort things out to different trees over the years. I think I have something like 4 miniature, inside the house type, Halloween trees now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween is coming

Haven't been able to get too into the mood this year. While it has been cooler than last year (downright pleasant, for the most part) I have been too busy to get in the groove.

My newest challenge is learning to milk a goat *laugh*.

Tomorrow I will work on clearing the garden some more and maybe get up a few more Halloween decorations. Frost pretty well killed the garden, but if I don't get a move on, it'll be planting time and I still won't have cleared out the debris.

I am trying "no till" gardening, so I thought I'd rake up the mulch, dump on some compost and then re-mulch for the winter. No telling how far or fast that project will go, though.

Currently (re) reading: A Night In The Lonesome October. It's one of my favorite Halloween mood setter books.