Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goats = pain in the butt ;-)

Well, I finally got a larger pasture enclosed for my scrub goats. Guess what? They don't seem to know what to do with it. I opened the gate from one part to another and they just sit there near the entrance looking at it. I coaxed them out but they went back. Feh! Should have worked on the other fence. The other goats would appreciate it more.

My other set of goats need a more permanent fence to have a bigger pasture. They are fine with the temporary one until they see me on the other side of it, then they HAVE to be with me. This is a problem when I need to do things like work on poisonous shrubs that need removal so stupid goats don't eat them. ;-) They have a good solid 40 x 40 pen which is quite large enough, but they do love to come out and run around in a bigger area. I have the shrubs blocked off, and the goats stay in their fence away from them unless I am working on them. All my goats are very human oriented, but some of them seem to have a real fixation on me. I should see if they do the same thing with my husband or if it is really me.