Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 want to stitch list

3 red plastic canvas hearts
Baby Dragon (2011 May B-day)
Easter Dragon
Shamrock Dragon
restart Skeleton Crew
Southwest Crousel Horse Dimensions leaflet
Charles Loof 1910 Carousel Horse Kappie Book 91
Philadelphia Toboggan Co 1922 horse Kappie Book 410
Carousel Horse 1 from Fantasy Horses Cross My Heart
BB Easter freebie
Mine All Mine! Christmas Stocking
Haunted Hotel UFO
Finish elf dragon UFO
Finish Green Mantle Santa
Finish Family Tree pony bead bannner
Finish Knight Bookmark
Finish Wisteria Gate
Match thread and finish Pumpkin Stack stitch N Hang
1 Halloween Stitch N Hang
1 Thanksgiving Stitch N Hang
Spooked Cat - Bobby G designs
Finish Santa Advent Calender
1 page Mistress Last Leaves
start The Poet
3 pages Raja (~800 st done)
Finish Trotter
Sea Dragon
Cookie Dragon
12 Christmas ornaments
charity auction piece
shamrock green bead swag ornament
You Were Hatched
Fuscha and humming bird trivet & coasters
Jack O lantern freebie
dragon bookmark
mary's dragon bookmark
Sun dragon

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DUSTY said...

Impressive list !!!