Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

*Sigh* Last time I checked the rain gauge it was at 4.3". That was from yesterday and today, but that doesn't count the couple of inches we got earlier in the week. The goats hate it. I'm not real good with lots of clouds for a real long time, either, but I admit it's lots easier to take when it's warm rather than cold.

I got my rennet and cheese press yesterday. Finally broke down and ordered them. Rennet just can't be had locally except junket rennet which I don't approve of, not sure what's up with the rennet shortage. I guess I picked about the best time to order, this about the coolest weather we've had in over a month.

Finally finished the first 500 piece puzzle, but the light is too awful to take a picture right now. Will try to get one tomorrow. Not much going on with all the rain. I'm about tired of it.

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